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Research papers on ‘Modeling/Provisioning/Profiling Virtual machine resources in Virtualized Environments’

Posted by Aditya Thatte on August 27, 2010

Hi, here I will be pointing you to some important literature related to dynamic provisioning of VM resources, profiling VMs, modeling Virtual environments , capacity planning and so on.

Performance Models / Modeling

1. Performance Models for Virtualized Applications

2.Profiling and modeling resource usage of virtualized applications

3. Black-box performance models for virtualized web service applications

4. Probabilistic performance modeling of virtualized resource allocation

5. Automatic virtual machine configuration for database workloads

6. Towards Modeling & Analysis of Consolidated CMP Servers

7. Modeling Virtual Machine Performance


1. Autonomic virtual resource management for service hosting platforms

2. Virtual Putty

3. Efficient resource provisioning in compute clouds via VM multiplexing

4. On Dynamic Resource Provisioning for Consolidated Servers in Virtualized Data Centers

5. Resource Provisioning with Budget Constraints for Adaptive Applications in Cloud Environments

6. Utility Analysis of Internet Oriented Server Consolidation in VM BasedData Centers

Profiling / Interference

1. XenMon: QoS Monitoring and Performance Profiling Tool

2. An Analysis of Performance Interference Effects in Virtual Environments

3. VrtProf

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