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Installing OWL-S IDE Eclipse Plugin

Posted by Aditya Thatte on December 15, 2008

There are a series of simple steps that you need to follow to install the OWL-S IDE Eclipse Plugin. The installation tasks are depicted
by snapshots shown below.

1. Goto
2. Download “” and “”.
3. Create a folder on your local computer “OWL-S IDE”, copy and extract the downloaded files in the folder.
4. Start Eclipse
5. Click on “Help —-> Software Updates —-> Find and Install”

6. Select “Search for new features to install” and click “Next”.

7. Click “New local site”

8. Browse to the “Code-library feature” directory and select it.

9.  Select ok.

10. Select the checkbox next to the Code-lib feature and click Finish.

11. Select check box and click Next.

12. Accept agreement and click Next.

13. Click finish

14. Click Yes to restart eclipse.

15.  Follow the same procedure for “OWL-S Editor feature folder ” .

16.  Click Finish

17. Click yes to restart eclispe.

18.  Select “Help —-> Software Updates —-> Manage Configuration” to verify that the plugin has been installed properly.

19. Check if the contents in the ellipse appear.


20. Help —-> Help Contents.

21. Check if the contents in the ellipse appear.

Now, you will be able to create OWL-S descriptions in the OWL-S IDE.

5 Responses to “Installing OWL-S IDE Eclipse Plugin”

  1. nhatnd said

    thanks so much!

  2. Michele said

    Hi, i’m trying to install OWL-S IDE in Eclipse Helios Service Release 2, but i can’t…
    Can you tell me you eclipse version please?


    • Hi Michele, I had done this exercise a couple of years back, however I don’t remember exactly which version it was. I can assure you that it wasn’t Helios. I believe it was Europa or Ganymede. I hope this helps.

  3. Selva said

    thanx u

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