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OWL : Ontology example

Posted by Aditya Thatte on November 11, 2008

Ontologies describe the relationships between entities on a conceptual level. It shows the hierarchy of classes and subclasses for an object-entity , for eg ( computer ).It decribes subclass relationships , disjointness , constraints , information between objects. It provides vital information to search agents , intelligent agents , databases.
Agents use ontologies and perform powerful reasoning to represent knowledge. Ontologies are modelled using Web Ontology Language ( OWL ). OWL has different flavors varying inexpressiveness of web content.

OWL Full – Highly expressive , but no computational guarantee
OWL DL – Less expressive than OWL-Full , but efficient reasoning provided
OWL Lite – Least expressive , high reasoning support

Lets have a look at an example


Above figure illustrates an ontology for a country , show subclass relationships , the “parent” class being “country” . The classes lower in the hierarchy represent the “subclassof ” relationship.

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